Cultural Exchange Programmes

Beijing Hong Kong and Macau students exchange summer camp

Date: 21-27 July 2017
Participants: Four S.5 students, Mr. Leung Wai Kwong and Mr. Lau Yik Hong
Objectives: To provide opportunities for students in Beijing, Hong Kong and Macau to exchange, and deepen their understanding of the history, culture and development of the three places.


An Exploration into the Ethnic Culture, Natural Landscape and Astronomy of Guizhou

Date: 26-30 June, 2017
Participants: Ten senior form students and Miss Ng Mei Lan
Objectives: To enhancing students' understanding of the natural landscape and the development of astronomy in Guizhou; to explore the life and customs of ethnic minorities in Guizhou.


Mainland Exchange Programme for Senior Secondary School Students

Date: 8-12 April, 2017
Participants: Twenty senior form students, Miss Yip Wing Kwan and Mr. Law Ho Lam
Objectives: To enhance students' understanding of the history of Beijing and China's latest development in science, astronomy and aerospace engineering.


領袖生內地交流計劃 2015

日期: 2015年12月20至24日(為期五天)
參與老師:黃慶芬老師 Wong Hing Fan
參與同學:鍾煒誠Chung Wai Shing  5B (14)

15th Hong Kong Singapore Exchange Programme
1st Leg -16-26 July, 2016 (Hong Kong students to Singapore)
2nd Leg – 5-15 November, 2016 (Singapore students to Hong Kong)
Teacher-in-charge : Ms Wong Yuen Wai
1. Singh Hardeep               (2C)
2. Limbu David                  (2D)

Beijing, Hong Kong and Macau students Exchange Summer Camp 2016
Date: 23/7/16 – 29/7/16
Place: Hong Kong and Macau
Contents: Visit to cultural, historical and recreational places
Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Leung Wai Kwong
Nominated students: Saddiq Muhammad 5C, Tse Cheuk Ying 5B, Leung Hoi Yi 5B

Thematic Tour to Indonesia
Date: July and August
Place: Hong Kong and Indonesia
Contents: workshops and/or visits
Nominated student: Mohammed Rishad Hossain 4A

International Youth Exchange Programme 2016-17
Date: Between July 2016 and March 2017
Places: Ireland, Japan, Singapore and other countries
Contents: attending large-scale youth conferences
Nominated student: Mel Loja 5A