School Facilities

Our Millennium School is the first government secondary school to benefit from the most modern 2000-year design. The total operation area reaches 7741m2, which is a 40% increase in area as compared with the old standard design. There are 2 covered playgrounds, 3 basketball/handball courts, 1 practice court and vast open areas with special garden landscape design.

School Premises
Special Features
Main Block
An eight-storey teaching and administrative building with 30 classrooms, a large staff room, a computer room, a computer-assisted learning room, a conference room, a multi-media learning centre, a teaching resource centre, a parents' resource centre and interview rooms.
Special Room Block
The whole block, including the library is air-conditioned.
Hall Block
School Hall, the English Fun World, Student Activity Centre, Cultural Square and Multi-purpose Centre.
    IT Facilities
  • Gigabit Local Area Network with about 270 data nodes
  • A total of 160 computers are available for students' use
  • A total of 20 projection systems are available for teaching
  • Broadband internet service available
  • Every student is provided with a free e-mail account under E-Class System
  • Every classroom can have access to internet and loop system
  • A standard computer room and a well-equipped computer assisted learning
  • A Multi-media Learning Centre
  • Every teacher's desk has a node point and every teacher is provided with a notebook computer