Debate Club

SEK Public Speaking Competition 2022
In collaboration with the English Department, the Debate Club organized a public speaking competition in the School Hall on 28th June 2022. The following were the themes the participants spoke about.
• Charity Begins at Home – Helping Others, Helping Yourself
• 'Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow,' Albert Einstein
• 'The best way not to feel helpless is to get up and do something', Barack Obama
• 'There is some good in the world and it is worth fighting for', Tolkien
The competitors comprising S1 and S2 students illustrated these themes with PowerPoint slides and displayed the fruits of their labour that entailed weeks of training conducted by Mr. Thapa, the Debate Club i/c and coach. The adjudicators comprising Principal Lee Tung Ching, Assistant Principal Wong Pik Wah, Ms. Josephine Chung and Ms. Wong Yuen Wai deliberated long and hard to select the winners as the competition was very tight. Ali Shiloh Asia and Neff Sofia Naomi of 1D were declared the best team, and Leung Ka Hang of 2D the best individual speaker.
A mixed team of S1 and S2 comprising Talwar Guneet (1C), Tamrakar Yazmin (2D) and Leung Ka Hang (2D) were awarded the first runner-up position, and 2D students - Chen Megan, Igloria Chloe Faye and Gielisha Gallivu Toralde - clinched the second runner-up position. The competitors' knowledge of their chosen theme, poise and eloquence, teamwork and excellent delivery captured the audience's attention.
SEK Debate Competition 2022
As in the previous year, SEK Debate Competition was organized this year by SEK Debate Club. Unlike in previous years, this year saw a surge in the number of students participating in the debate competition. Three teams involving students from S1 to S3 participated in the competition. The first round of competition was held on May 6, involving participants from 3C (Chan Luk Him, Daniel Yu, and Ou Ke) versus participants from 2D (Yazmin Tamrakar and Jericho Diva) and 3C (Lo Wing Ki). The mixed team involving students from 2D and 3C won the first round of the competition. The final round was held on 24 May 2022, involving the winner group from the first round of the competition and a team from 1C (Talwar Guneet, Gill Avneet Kaur, and Gurung Pratiksha).
The motion for this year's debate competition was "Driverless vehicles are a good idea". With their stunning debating skills and convincing arguments, the 1C team won the championship in the final round of the competition.
The judges were Ms. Wong Pik Wah (Assistant Principal), Ms. Josephine Chung (English Department Head), and Ms. Wong Yuen Wai (Assistant English Department Head). The judges commended all the participants on their debating and language skills and their strong confidence.
Yazmin Tamrakar from 2D was declared the Best Debater of the Year in the final round of the competition. The event provided students with an opportunity to hone their debating skills and also build confidence in debating.