Student Support for SEN Committee

Our Belief

  • We always realize that students with special educational needs would have their own talents, strengths and hobbies. They can be encouraged to participate actively in different kinds of school activities.  As a result, students’ abilities and confidence will be promoted. 
  • Appropriate guidance and support should be given to students based upon their individual special educational needs.  Even though they may take a longer time in communication and finishing tasks than the other schoolmates, we are still considerate and patient to them. 
  • We always try our best to cultivate a love and caring culture in school and enhance the acceptance of students with special educational needs by school members and parents.
  • At the same time, we do believe that close communication and cooperation between school and parents enhance their understanding and acceptance of the students with special educational needs.

Student Support for SEN Committee (Student Support Team) (2023-2024)

Ms. SUNG Yee-ki (SENCO, i/c)
Ms. YU Hiu-lam (Deputy i/c)
Ms. CHAN Mei-ting (SENST)
Ms. TAM Chi-hin (SENST, Guidance Master)
Ms. WONG Pui-lee (SENST)
Ms. CHEUNG Wing-sze
Ms. Winkie LAI (EDB Educational Psychologist)
Ms. Wendy and Ms. Charley (School Social Workers)
Ms. MO Ho-yeng, Hollie (Student Support Officer)
Mr. CHAN Yuk-leung, Peter (Student Support Assistant)
Ms. Thapa Dil Maya (Teaching Assistant, SEN, CSD and Maths)
Class teachers of SEN students


After-school Homework Supervision and Tutorial Class

Arts Programme by CHEER

Arts Therapy

CHEER Inclusive Programme - Bowling

CHEER Inclusive Programme - Rollerblading

CHEER's Buddies Group with IPSC training

CHEER's Board Games Group

CHEER's Teambuilding Group

Chinese Fun Learning Programme

Coffee Career Workshop

Cyber Wellness Group Enhancing e-Learning

Individual Training by Student Support Officer

Mental Health and Emotional Control Group by CHEER

Online lessons in school campus during face-to-face lessons suspensions

S1 – S2 After-school volunteer training – Multicultural Explorers by CHEER

S1 – S3 The Kids on the Block Performance

S1 - S2 Growth Group by CHEER

S5 – S6 Job Hunting and Intrapersonal Growth Workshop by Oi Kwan Social Service

S5 - S6 Career Exploration and Skills Training Workshops by CHEER

Social Skills Training Group by New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association

Speech Therapy

Tailor-made Study Skills Workshop by CHEER

Tutorial Class and Study Group by University Students

Xmas Pre-exam Tutorial Class