Career Education Committee (2018/19)
  • Mr. NGAN Kit-yan (i/c)
  • Ms. CHAN Ying-wah (Deputy i/c)
  • Mr. LEE Chun-man (Deputy i/c)
  • Mr. CHAN Ka-wai
  • Mr. IQBAL Kashif
  • Ms. LAI Tak-ching
  • Mr. LEE Ka-ho
  • Mr. LI Ka-fai
  • Mr. NAIR Rajeev
  • Mr. SINGH Manpreet
Career Education
In order to help students achieve life-long career development including academic pursuits and choice of career paths, the school provides effective career and life planning education to them. Students are educated to make responsible and informed career choices which correspond to their abilities, interests and values.
    The achievement targets include:
  • 1. To promote self-understanding and to assist students to do life planning
  • 2. To provide information on available and appropriate career/further education opportunities
  • 3. To provide guidance to S.3 students in the process of choosing NSS elective subjects
  • 4. To enhance senior form students' knowledge of multiple pathways
  • 5. To provide careers-related OLE activities and to offer life-wide learning opportunities so as to broaden students' horizons

Visit to the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Visit to the Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) and IVE

Visit to Tung Wah College

Company Visit to Credit Suisse

Company Visit to Oriental Press Group

Visit to the Hong Kong Airport Authority

Visit to Central Police Station

Internship in a Furniture Company

Career Talk for Ethnic Minority Students

Sharing by Different Professions

Simulation Game for S.3

Multicultural Dream Pursuit Project

CLAP’ Programme – Career Planning Training

Life Buddies Individual Mentoring Programme

Life Buddies – Partnership with Deacons

Career Development Programme for Ethnic Miinority Youths

Honing Skills in Hospitality Programme – Pennisula Hotel

Auto-Cad Training Programme