Career Education Committee (2019/20)
  • Mr. NGAN Kit-yan (i/c)
  • Ms. CHAN Ying-wah (Deputy i/c)
  • Mr. LEE Chun-man (Deputy i/c)
  • Mr. CHAN Ka-wai
  • Mr. IQBAL Kashif
  • Mr. LEE Ka-ho
  • Ms. POON So-man
  • Mr. SINGH Manpreet
  • Mr. THAPA Chura Bahadur
Career Education

For the whole-person development of students, the new 3-year School Development Plan for 2018-2021 has been set up with the theme "Together We Thrive". The school endeavors to excel students' core values and potential with four targets and corresponding strategies.
  • Target A: To cultivate students' positive values and polish their interpersonal skills
    Strategies: 1. to develop students’ core values (love and concern, respect, and sense of commitment)
      2. to enhance peer support among students
  • Target B: To assist students to do life planning and gain foresight in career development
    Strategies: 1. to guide students to set life goals via individual / group counseling
      2. to seek various career opportunities for students
      3. to organize Career Expo with the support of parents, alumni and NGOs
  • Target C: To maintain close liaison with alumni for the betterment of student development
    Strategies: 1. to develop close connections between alumni and the school
      2. to explore the learning opportunities provided by the alumni to the current students
  • Target D: To strengthen students' commitment to community services
    Strategies: 1. to equip students with the essential skills and knowledge of doing social services
      2. to provide students with ample opportunities of doing voluntary service
      3. to promote a positive attitude of students to serve their home country or other communities in need

Visit to the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Visit to the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Visit to Tung Wah College

Career Talk for Ethnic Minority Students

Sharing by Different Professions

'CLAP' Programme – Career Planning Training

Life Buddies – Partnership with Deacons

Career Development Programme for Ethnic Miinority Youths

Visit to Cathay City

Visit to Hong Kong Police College

Time management workshop in Deaconsg

Meeting with mentors

Job Expo

Educational Visit to Jiangmen

Internship in Housing Department

Visit to CLP Academy

Company Visit to PwC