Service Education Committee
  • The key role of Service Education Committee is to promote value education, including

    (1)serving the others with needs/difficulties;
    (2)loving and caring the others and society, especially the social vulnerable groups.

  • Through active participation in community services and making contributions to the community, our students are expected to gain a lot, e.g. enhancing their self-confidence, self-esteem and sense of achievement.
  • Besides, our students are also expected to gain in different ways through service education, including:

    (1)broaden the students’ horizons and enrich their other learning experiences;
    (2)develop the students’ potential and leadership;
    (3)enhance the students’ personal effectiveness competencies (e.g. self-understanding & human relations) and lifelong learning competencies (e.g. communication & information processing);
    (4)deliver the value and the message of cultural harmony between the Chinese and the Non-Chinese so as to develop a caring and harmonic community ultimately
    (5)students can also

    • learn different generic skills apart from the classroom;
    • realize their roles played and value in society;
    • understand the importance of uniqueness and diversity among people, and the value of serving our community;
    • become more active and responsible citizens of tomorrow

Service Education Committee (2018-2019)

Mr. LEE Chun-man, i/c

Ms. LEE Po-wing, Deputy i/c

Mr. WONG Yau-hang

Ms. CHAN Mei-ting

Ms. CHAN Wun-ching

Ms. CHONG Kit-wah

Mr. KHAN Zubair Ahmed

Ms. LAU Ka-wai

Mr. LAW Ho-lam

Ms. LEE Hoi-lam

Ms. WONG Suk-hang


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