Discipline Committee
The school adopted the whole school approach to maintain a safe and harmonic learning environment for the students by upholding school regulations to develop students to become ordered and responsible citizens. At the same time, different programmes are held to nurture students with self discipline and other positive values. For instance, Leadership Training Programmes (prefects, late-comer prefects, Enhance Smart Teens Programme, monitors and monitresses and peace ambassadors) develop students to be future leaders while Commendation Schemes (Credit and Merit, Star of the Month, Class of the Year Award, Most well-behaved and Most Improved in Conduct Award Scheme) encourage students to strive for their excellence.

Members of the Discipline Committee
Name Post
1 Ms. SUNG Yee-ki Discipline Mistress
2 Mr. LIN Chi-heng Discipline Master
3 Mr. TAM Chi-hin S.1 Coordinator
4 Mr. IQBAL Kashif S.2 Coordinator
5 Mr. LAW Ho-lam S.3 Coordinator
6 Mr. LI Chi-ming S.4 Coordinator
7 Ms. YIP Wing-kwan S.5 Coordinator
8 Mr. SINGH Manpreet S.6 Coordinator
9 Mr. CHAN Ka-wai     Assistant
10 Ms. LEE Po-wing Assistant
11 Mr. LI Ka-fai Assistant
12 Ms. POOM So-man Assistant
13 WONG Suk-hang Assistant

Prefect Team 2017/18
Class Name Rank
4A Cruz Raymilie Clare Baina Head Prefect
5D Khan Wakar Ahmed Head Prefect
4A Gurleen Kaur Deputy Head Prefect
4A Rabjee Kaur Deputy Head Prefect
5E Arshad Sanaullah Deputy Head Prefect
4A Senerpida Jazzmine Fernandez Prefect Leader
4C Jasveen-Pawar Prefect Leader
5A Iqra-Fiaz Prefect Leader
5B Simranjit Prefect Leader
4A Senerpida Jerwen Fernandez Deputy Prefect Leader
4B Ella Jayne Coro Deputy Prefect Leader
4B Estrada Camille Deputy Prefect Leader
4C Marcos Kristhelle Vhay Marie P. Deputy Prefect Leader
3A Rai Prajwol Senior Prefect
3D Wong Shyla Masibag Senior Prefect
4B Dela Luna Anne Laurie Senior Prefect
4D Begum Suhana Senior Prefect
4D Kaur Simranbir Senior Prefect
4B Aslam Maira Prefect
2C Tsui Tsz Kiu Prefect
2C Gill Yeshanpreet Singh Prefect
2D Gill Loveleen Kaur Prefect
2D Singh Karanpreet Prefect
3D Chan Pui Yi Frances Ysabel Prefect
3E Blundell Katherine Felix Prefect
3E Gurung Nishma Prefect
3E Ferrao Aldred Prefect
2D Amber Grace Cameron Trainee(Prefect)
2D Limbu Ningwafuma Sodemba Trainee(Prefect)
2D Yanlee Batino Meesanga Trainee(Prefect)