Student Support for SEN Committee

Our Belief

  • We always realize that students with special educational needs would have their own talents, strengths and hobbies. They can be encouraged to participate actively in different kinds of school activities.  As a result, students’ abilities and confidence will be promoted. 
  • Appropriate guidance and support should be given to students based upon their individual special educational needs.  Even though they may take a longer time in communication and finishing tasks than the other schoolmates, we are still considerate and patient to them. 
  • We always try our best to cultivate a love and caring culture in school and enhance the acceptance of students with special educational needs by school members and parents.
  • At the same time, we do believe that close communication and cooperation between school and parents enhance their understanding and acceptance of the students with special educational needs.

Student Support for SEN Committee (2018-2019)

MMs. LAI Tak-ching (i/c)
Ms. CHAN Mei-ting
Ms. CHAN Siu-ling
Ms. Ip LAI-fun
Mr. TSE Ming-wai
Ms. Wendy Wong (Social worker)
Ms. Claire Pang (TA)
Mr. Yu Shiu Kong (TA)