Moral & National Education Committee

Our objectives:

  • to cultivate students’ moral, civic and national education in school.
  • to help students develop positive values and attitudes, think independently, discern value issues objectively and critically, and make caring and reasonable judgements in the contexts of personal, family, social, national and global domains.
  • to enable every student to develop as an independent and autonomous person capable of embracing diverse values in an objective and respectful manner while holding a positive attitude and willing to contribute to the betterment of the family, society, country and the world.


  • Ms. LEE Suet-fong (Teacher i/c)

  • Ms. YIP Wing-kwan (Deputy i/c)

  • Ms. CHONG Kit-wah

  • Mr. GAUR Anil

  • Ms. KHALIQUE Swaleha

  • Mr. KHAN Zubair Ahmed

  • Ms. LAU Ka-wai

  • Moral and National Education Ambassadors (2018-2019):
    Class Name
    3B Gurung Deon
    3B Saghir Muhammad Safian
    3C Tsui Tsz Kiu
    3D Gurung Trishna
    3D Haider Maidah
    3D Shing Wing Shan
    3D Wong Tsang Man
    3D Haseeb
    3D Ojha Soumik
    4B Kaur Navneet
    4B Taguinod Renberlee Mangune
    4C Gurung Misma
    4C Gurung Nishma
    4C Rai Surjan
    4D Aranaga Garcia Sabrina Hortencia
    4E Marques Xean Hailie Serrano
    5A Limbu Niwa
    5A Pun Babita
    5A Tsang Yiu Kei
    5A Wong Hang Yu
    5A Thapa Sijan
    5D Dhaliwal Jagjit Singh
    6A Cheung Hoi Shuen
    6A Ford Victoria Natasha
    6A Gurung Akriti
    6A Gurung Rubica Maya
    6A Gurung Smriti
    6A Hong Emmanuela Lu
    6A Motooka Riria
    6A Sunar Rooj
    6B Rai Shiristy
    6C Gurung Suhana
    6C Sunwar Mastina

    In recent years, in order to help our students to understand more about different nations from a cultural approach, various activities have been arranged such as fun fair, ‘Multicultural Site Visit’ and the sharing by our Moral and National Education Ambassadors in the assemblies.

    Furthermore, moral education has been strengthened through ‘My Pledge to Act’ and the exhibition on Teachers’ Day.  Moreover, in order to develop students’ core values on ‘Love and Concern’ (S1-S2), ‘Respect’ (S3-S4) and ‘Sense of Commitment’ (S5-S6), the slogan writing competition and various programmes have been held.  Besides, civic education has also been fostered through talks, guided educational tour of LegCo Complex, and current news board display.


    In order to echo the major concern of broadening students’ horizons, various leadership training programmes for our ambassadors have also been conducted.  Training sessions, visit, service in school and volunteer community service do help them further develop their interpersonal skills, sense of commitment, punctuality, responsibility and leadership.