Health & Sex Education

The healthy lifestyle message is promoted in school. Various activities are organized with the aim of providing students with the necessary knowledge to enable them to make wise lifestyle choices and also to participate in activities that promote and reinforce the healthy lifestyle message.

Our Objectives:

  • To disseminate students the knowledge of healthiness
  • To arouse students' awareness of personal hygiene and social hygiene
  • To cultivate a sense of awareness of better health of the body and the mind among the students
  • To foster a positive attitude towards sex

    Health & Sex Education Committee (2018/19)

    Ms LEUNG Mi-po (i/c)

    Ms KHALIQUE Swaleha (Deputy i/c)

    Ms CHAN Wun-ching

    Ms LEE Hoi-lam

    Ms POON So-man


    Joyful Fruit Day

    Promotion of Sports

    Sex Education workshop

    Anti-smoking & Anti-drug Week

    Health Ambassador Training Camp

    Healthy Eating